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Discount JET 708352 JWL-1236 Woodworking Lathe, 12-Inch Swing 3/4 HP 115-Volt 1-Phase

JET 708352 JWL-1236 Woodworking Lathe, 12-Inch Swing 3/4 HP 115-Volt 1-Phase

Product Description
Motor Voltage: 115/230V Horsepower: 3/4 1Ph

  • 12-inch variable speed wood lathe with stand
  • 3/4-horsepower motor; 550 to 3,000 rpm; 34-1/2-inch distance between centers
  • Cast-iron lathe bed, headstock, and tailstock; heavy-gauge steel components; metal motor housing
  • Includes lathe, stand, tool rest, 6 face plates, spur center, live center, face shield, tooling knockout
  • 60 by 17 by 44-inches; 183-pounds; 2-year warranty

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For the money, a great lathe!!
This lathe is a great buy. Granted, a bigger and heavier one would be better, but than, the price too would be greater. It's light duty and great for an occasional turner. I hope to upgrade soon and buy a lathe that can better stand up to constant use!! It's a great 'starter' lathe and well worth the money.

OK but too light
I own this and dream of a better one. If you do work of any size you need to build a base to add weight. I put bags of rock on a wood platform across the leg supports. It really helps dampen the dancing that occurs without it. this lathe is not so great for bowl work. The tool holder extension is cast steel and I broke the first one on my first catch. I know, no catches,no breaks. Let all who make natural edge bowls w/o ever catching now throw stones. To make a bowl I turn the head 45 deg which necessitates the extension for the tool rest. It snapped clean at the stub mount. My point is that it's cheap cast steel . I took it too a tool shop got it bored out, installed a press fit tool steel stub and it works fine. Now my catches hurt the bowl only and not the machine part. I don't like the motor being direct behind the chuck area. If your wood is at all irregular in shape on the drive end it will hit the fan housing and not rotate free. You have to extend the spur drive. You can get around it using face plate or chuck/drive screw mountings if you must. The variable speed works OK but- 1-Mine is very noisy and the lowest speed. 2- The speed holds as long as you are in one of the detent locks for the speed handle. If you want to be between range it tends to drift up in speed to the next detent. Things I wish for 1- Digital speed readout 2-A real dial variable speed control 3-A motor that's not in the work area. 4-A cast iron base. 5- A drive head that slides to the end of the lathe for bowl turning. I'll get all this in my next lathe. That's after I build the house or shop to put it in! I can live with this one until I win the tool lottery.

Excellent lathe for the money!
I have been running this lathe constantly for about 2 years now. It has run smoothly and consistently since new. The power is great for most medium to large turnings as well. I turn mostly lamp spindles, pens, pepper mills, candlesticks and other type turnings and it is very smooth and precise. I have found that the transmission shifts smoothly and with little effort. The only CON that I would mention is that the working height is much too low for me. I prefer to stand while working at the lathe. I am 6' tall and found that I was constantly hunching over and over time developed a sore neck. My remedy was to simply build wooden risers for the unit that elevates it up around 8 inches or so. I would highly recommend this lathe.

The best lathe for the money!!!!!!!!!
I have had this lathe for about 4 years now. It is very well built and the folks at Jet really did their homework when they designed this one. It has some features that you usually only see on more expensive lathes. First off, it was very easy, and quick to set up. The head stock on it offers the user the ability to make alot of different items, from pins to large bowls and plates, since it is very easy and quick to turn the head stock to the side to accomadate large turning projects. The tail stock is very easy to move and adjust with one hand. It is very well built and smooth to use. I really like the ease in which you can change out the centers and mandrels. The tool rest is also equally as easy to adjust and move, as this is key to staying focused and not wasting time. I really like the ease in which you can change the speed of the lathe as well as turning it on and off. The location of these features are great. I had wondered if the motor was big enough and would be able to handle all that we wanted to do with this lathe. This Jet lathe quickly put my fears to rest as the motor has been sufficent for us. I also had wondered if it would be durable enough as we turn on it many hours every week. This Jet lathe is very well built and has really surprised me with how smooth it runs. The small tool trays on each side of the head stock are really handy. We use our lathe almost every day. We have turned everything from pens to baseball bats (which we have turned several hundred on it) lamps, large fancy bird houses, bowls, plates, cups, numerous legs, just to name a few. I have used ALOT of different lathes, and for the money, this one can't be beat. My Jet lathe has been trouble free and dependable since day 1. I have always had good service from Jet tools, and this one is a real winner.

design flaw
I purchased the Jet JWL-1236 lathe approx. 4 yrs. ago and I have really enjoyed using it for making pens, tops, boxes, bowls, & a few odds & ends. The only real problem I have encountered is the location of the motor. The fine dust created by sanding gets inside the motor & gums it up. Mine just burned up the other day & it will cost $193 basic cost for a new one. I hate to think that it will need to be replaced every five yrs. or so. No price break for owning six Jet products including the hybrid Supersaw. Other than this I have no complaints about this lathe.

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